H-Shifter development update

The latest news abour our H-shifter

We are getting many questions with regard to the development status of our H-Shifter, so we’d like to give you an update. At last year’s Simracing Expo (September 2017) we brought a working prototype of our H-shifter. The prototype performed well during the event and we got very useful feedback from simracers who tested it in our simulator.

At that time we intended to release the shifter within a few months. There are however a number of reasons why we decided to postpone the release.

First of all we wanted to improve the shifter mechanics / shifter feel, which we did in new prototypes after the Expo. This change resulted in a few unwanted mechanical consequences (mainly to do with ease-of-production and very long-term wear). We do not want to release a product with which we are not 100% satisfied ourselves and have therefore decided to completely rework the mechanical design, starting from scratch.

The second reason is that Heusinkveld has grown considerably as a company, which has put significant strain on our supply chain. Since we want to prevent stock outages as much as possible, during 2018 we have worked hard to source new suppliers for many key parts of our products. Integrating new partners in our supply-chain takes time and the focus here has been on existing products. This also meant that the release of the H-shifter has been pushed back further.

Is the H-shifter still an active project within Heusinkveld? Yes, very much so but it won’t be ready at short notice. We understand this comes as a disappointment to many of you.

We haven’t been sitting still on a few another developments however, more news about upcoming (short-term) new product releases will be made during the Simracing Expo (14-16 September).

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