Andras Kiraly

2017 & 2018 Dutch MaX5 Cup champion

Andras Kiraly had been a top-level simracer for many years before he made the transition to real racing. Entering the Dutch Mazda MaX5 cup, which is a spec MX5-series, he immediately was a frontrunner in races which sometimes feature over 45 cars.

By winning several races in his debut season in the sport he proved that simulator experience pays off when making the transisition to real racing cars. In 2017 and 2018 Andreas took the top spot in the final standings.

At home, Andras is training with a Heusinkveld Sim Rig GT simulator frame combined with a set of Sim Pedals Pro. His Mada MX5 is also carrying Heusinkveld branding while on track.