A lot of simracers broadcast their racing activities on Youtube or Twitch. Check out the simfluencers below who use a selection of Heusinkveld products.

YouTubers and streamers, nowadays called influencers, test and use a wide range of products from variety companies and present them to their community. They are often open to answer questions about the user experience, pros and cons of these products. When they’re simracing, we’d like to call them simfluencers!

Not only do we work very closely with the drivers and engineers of our partners like the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team and the Williams Esports Team, but we also very much appreciate the feedback of our end-customers with a home simulator. And there’s no better proving ground for our products than a simracer who broadcasts his races with thousands of people watching.

The simfluencers below are Heusinkveld customers and use a selection of Heusinkveld products. We invite you to check out their channels and enjoy their content!

This is Dave Cameron probably better known as 'Dave Cam' on Youtube. He discovered sim racing as it is now in 2017.

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