It is a pleasure for us to partner with Dave Cam. We appreciate working with Dave not only because he’s genuinely good guy, but most of all for his constructive feedback on our simracing products.

About DaveCam

“So, I’m Dave Cameron probably better known as ‘Dave Cam’ on Youtube. I live with my partner Julie in the North East of England and have 2 children. I now do sim racing/Youtube full time, but prior to this I was a Police Officer for 15 years. Quite a change in career path!

I discovered sim racing as it is now in 2017. I used to have a computer in the early 2000’s and played Grand Prix Legends and used to take my whole computer to my friends house so we could connect the two computers and race together. I then had children and my gaming days were over whilst real life took over, children, work etc. I then built a computer in 2017 and found iRacing on Steam. I could not believe how things had changed and I was actually racing against people from all over the world from my house! I have previously done Moto X & Supermoto and Sim Racing gives me the same adrenaline rush and is much safer 🙂


I heard about Heusinkveld products pretty much as soon as I started sim racing and was so envious of people who had such high end equipment. I saved my money and in 2018 bought a set of Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals. At the time I was struggling in the lower splits on iRacing with an iRating of 1300. After a few short months I was challenging for wins in the top split, with an iRating of almost 5000! The pedals helped me be much more consistent lap after lap and were better than I ever imagined. I now also use the Heusinkveld Sim Rig GT which is amazing!”

We say thank you Dave!