Product Manuals

These pages contain instructions on installing and adjusting our hardware products, software downloads as well as any additional service bulletins.

Software overview and download

Heusinkveld SmartControl & SmartControl Live are powerful configuration tools compatible with the following Heusinkveld products:

  • Ultimate+
  • Sprint
  • MagShift
  • Handbrake (new version with integrated controller)
  • Classic Sim Pedals Ultimate with the Sim Pedals Ultimate Upgrade Kit

SmartControl & SmartControl Live Overview – Introduction to the software configuration tools.

Download SmartControl & SmartControl Live

SmartControl Pedal Presets

Ultimate+ (Silver)

Product Manual

Elastomer Kit - Sim Pedals Ultimate+

Product Manual

Ultimate Upgrade Kit for classic Sim Pedals Ultimate

The PDF product manual below is version 1.1 and contains a small update compared to the printed manual which comes with the upgrade kit.

Product Manual

Installation tutorial video


Quick Start

Product Manual (latest version for pedals with side markings on brake rubbers).

Product Manual (version 1.3, for pedals without side markings on brake rubbers)

Mounting schematics – Pedal mounting points & Sprint baseplate suggestion

Video tutorial

Elastomer Kit - Sim Pedals Sprint

Product Manual

Manuals for legacy Heusinkveld products

Below you’ll find manuals for legacy Heusinkveld products. These products are no longer manufactured but we’re there to help if you need any support.

Classic Sim Pedals Ultimate

This manual is for the classic (non-SmartControl) Sim Pedals Ultimate.

Product Manual

Download DiView – Calibration tool for Sim Pedals Ultimate.

Service Bulletin #1 – Throttle Damper Retrofit

Service Bulletin #3 – Direct Drive Wheel EMI Fix

Maintenance tips

Sim Pedals Pro

Product Manual

Service Bulletin #2 – Clutch Backplate

Service Bulletin #3 – Direct Drive Wheel EMI Fix

Sim Pedals Pro Curved Pedal Plate Upgrade

Sim Pedals Racecenter

Product Manual

Service Bulletin #3 – Direct Drive Wheel EMI Fix

Classic Sim Handbrake (without SmartControl)

Product Manual

Service Bulletin #4 – Sim Handbrake Controller Casing

Sim Rig GT

Product Manual

Sim Shifter Sequential

Product Manual

Sprint Baseplate Anthracite & Team Redline Edition

Product Manual – version 1.4 (PDF)

Video tutorial

Ultimate+ Baseplate earlier specs

Product Manual (for the specification sold from April 2015 until late 2023)

Product Manual (for early spec sold until April 2015)

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