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Special visit to Heusinkveld – we welcome children from class 6

AdoptIDee - a initiative which brings education and business together

2021 the fourth edition of AdoptIDee takes place. AdoptIDee is a initiative from PNO Consultants which brings education and business together. A great project, that we are happy to support and especially Svend holds near and dear.

Everyone knows the enthusiastic, boundless and creative thinking of children is something that we adults sometimes lack. And that is exactly the idea of AdoptIDee – put creative children’s minds to solve a business challenge. It is a perfect opportunity for us as a business to learn from a younger generation and think out of the box. At the same time we hope to inspire the young students to develop their interest in engineering and electronics.

Based on a problem formulated by the participating companies, the students work out a solution and make a presentation of their work. They are asked to think about “real” innovation challenges of companies and come into contact with engineering and development work at an early stage.

At Heusinkveld, we ask the students to come up with new ideas for a gaming controller and develop them into a prototype. The prototype can be made from paper, cardboard or whatever material or finish they think is suitable.

After they toured the factory, conducted a few engineering experiments and drove a few laps in the simulator they got the opportunity to present their early game controller ideas to Heusinkveld. We’re looking forward to seeing their final prototyping results.

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