Service Bulletin #5 – MagShift 2023 production

Production run check

Please check the warranty card which you have received with your MagShift. On the rear of the card is a stamp. If the number is 2345 or 2348, please continue reading.

If your product does not come from one of these production runs, this service bulletin does not apply to your MagShift and no action is needed. Your MagShift already has the correct parts and functions as intended.

Description of the issue

The following issues have been identified:

  • A much lower maximum shift force as was intended in the design.
  • Excessive friction and/or excessive noise when moving the lever. This issue only affects some MagShifts.

Cause of the issue

The issue is caused by tolerance differences that have arisen on specific parts during production.


Heusinkveld will rework your Magshift with corrected parts. This will increase the maximum shift force of the Magshift from appr. 6kg to appr. 11kg. It will also (if present) reduce excessive friction within the system.

The overall result will be that your MagShift requires a much higher initial engagement force at all available force settings. After the lever starts moving the required force falls away more steeply.

The graph illustrates the force curves for a reworked Magshift versus how it originally came out of the box.

Rework process - get in touch

If you feel your MagShift has a too low force and/or you experience excessive friction in the system, please get in touch with us at Our support team will help you with returning your shifter to Heusinkveld.

After rework, your original shifter with new parts inside will be returned to you. Please allow for a few weeks of time while we retrieve, rework and return your shifter.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. Please be assured that after rework your shifter will be fully up to date with all intended design specifications and a great shift feel!