Sim Pedals Baseplate – Product Manual

This page contains instructions on installing and adjusting the Sim Pedals Baseplate.


The Sim Pedals Baseplate is compatible with our Sim Pedals Ultimate and Sim Pedals Pro. It is not compatible with the Sim Pedals RaceCentre Edition.

Parts list

The Sim Pedals Baseplate consists of the following parts:

  • – One main pedal plate.
    – Four brackets, 2 straight and 2 angled.

The following installation materials are provided:

  • – 4x M6x12 bolts to mount the brackets to the baseplate.
    – 12x M6x25 bolts and M6 nuts to mount the pedals to the baseplate.
    – 12x M6 washer to use with the M6x25 bolts (another 12x M6 washers are supplied with the pedals).
    – 4x M5x20 bolts to mount the brackets to your rig (your rig may require different bolts).
    – 8x M5 washers to use with the M5x20 bolts.
    – 4x M4x8 bolts to mount the USB-controller housing to the baseplate.
    – 4x M4 plastic washers to put between the USB-controller housing and the baseplate.


A typical installation for Ultimate pedals with straight brackets will look like in the picture below. Please note that washers between the bolts and the pedals are not shown in this photo. Depending on whether you have ordered the straight or angled brackets, you have several options for mounting and positioning the baseplate. In the other image below several seating positions are shown.

You need to take 4 steps to assemble the baseplate. The exact order may vary, depending on the specifications of your sim rig.

  • 1) The brackets can be screwed to the baseplate using the M6x12 bolts. The holes in the baseplate are threaded, you do not need nuts to secure the brackets to the baseplate.
  • 2) It is possible to attach the USB-controller housing to the bottom of the baseplate. Use the M4x8 bolts for this, also put the M4 plastic washers between the controller housing and the baseplate. The RJ-sockets of the controller should be facing towards the rear of the baseplate.
  • 3) Use the M6x25 bolts and the M6 washers (in order to protect your pedals on the top side and the baseplate on the bottom side) to mount the pedals to the baseplate.
  • 4) We provided M5x20 bolts and large M5 washers to mount the brackets to your rig (your rig may require different bolts).

For further reference, see the schematics below.

Individual pedal mounting flexibility

Installing our Sim Pedals on this baseplate still allows you to position the pedals individually. The mounting ‘feet’ of every pedal can slide forward/backward 2,5 cm (1 inch), so pedals can be offset relative to each other (which might assist heel-toe braking techniques). On the baseplate itself, you can also slide every individual pedal to the left or right. This allows you to vary the side-to-side clearance of two adjacent pedals by 4 cm.

Need help?

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