The Williams Esports Team

Heusinkveld Engineering is excited to be Official Team Supplier of the Williams Esports Team.

About Williams

Williams has been one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams over five decades. The Williams name has been synonymous with top-level motorsport since the 1970s, and has won 16 FIA Formula One World Championship titles – nine for constructors and seven for drivers. It remains the second most successful constructor in F1 history.

The Williams Esports Team

Williams Esports was launched in 2018, as the team made its first entry into virtual racing, a burgeoning industry providing both new and existing fans with opportunities to engage in a diverse and accessible arena. The Williams Esports programme has a roster of more than 35 of the world’s elite drivers, competing in 10 racing games across all three platforms, already reaching audiences in the millions and winning multiple titles.


We would like to introduce a few drivers of Williams Esports:

Dennis Schoniger

Intercontinental GT Challenge Esports 2023 Champion

“The Ultimate+ pedals provide a precise feeling of throttle and brake input; it really helps for trail braking. It’s great to have the freedom to adjust the throttle stiffness for even more precise inputs. Overall, these pedals are the best of the best and I am very happy to race with them!”

Jack Keithley

ESL R1 Driver

“I love how easy it is to adjust the ultimate+ pedals! They are versatile and excellent to get peak performance. It just makes the job of running at the front that little bit easier!”

Charlie Crossland

Assetto Corsa GT Driver

“The Heusinkveld pedals (Ultimate+) are the best I’ve ever used. Other pedals I struggled to find a throttle that has big resistance. The Heusinkveld Ultimate+ has the option to put the spring extremely tuff. Smart Control software also allows you to alter deadzones and curve rate to your preference which is a bonus.”

Will Tregurtha

Real Racing Driver, GT3 & GT4 Champion | Williams Esports Driver Coach

“Thanks to Heusinkveld, I can set up my Sim Pedals to absolute match any real car of my choice, they helped me to prepare and win the 2023 British GT Silver-Am title. As well as becoming Vice Champion in the DNLS championship!”