Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing

The world’s only team racing with a hydrogen powered car

Forze is a team consisting of 19 students of the TU Delft that dedicate one year to their dream of building a hydrogen powered race car. Their LMP3-based in-house designed, produced and tested car, the Forze VIII, was the first hydrogen car to ever finish in a race against petrol powered cars.

Forze made a realistic simulation of their latest vehicle, the Forze VIII in Panthera in the simulation environment of Cruden. Due to its electric drivetrain it is completely different to drive than regular ICE racers. Besides the fuel cell, a buffer system of super-capacitors is installed that allows for energy to be regenerated during braking. This can then be used as a boost when accelerating. Forze uses the Sim Pedals Ultimate in their simulator for both training and research & development purposes.

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