Classic Ultimate Upgrade Kit

If you own a set of classic Sim Pedals Ultimate, you have the option to upgrade these pedals with the most important technical enhancements of the latest Ultimate+ pedals. This Upgrade Kit will improve your classic Sim Pedals Ultimate with regard to durability, electronics, SmartControl & SmartControl Live software and all new brake spring system components.

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“Box, box, box …”

Pit this lap for new features on your classic Sim Pedals Ultimate

Give your classic Sim Pedals Ultimate a meaningful upgrade with modern innovations as seen on the Ultimate+. With this upgrade kit you’ll be able to benefit from the latest Heusinkveld technology.

The Ultimate Upgrade Kit is for owners of the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate who want to benefit of the main technical enhancements of the latest Sim Pedals Ultimate+.

Included parts

The Sim Pedals Ultimate+ are both an aesthetical and technical upgrade over the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. This Upgrade Kit contains the main technical upgrades.

Aesthetical and minor technical differences will be present compared to the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ after upgrading. Please see the table below for an overview of included parts and upgrades.

Sim Pedals Ultimate+ enhancement
Included in the Upgrade Kit?
SmartControl compatible controller, EMC tested.Yes.
Ability to use SmartControl configration software.Yes.
All new custom made elastomer brake rubber assembly.Yes, full rubber stack assembly including rubbers (6 in total), discs, new rod, back plate and back plate bearing is included.
Knurled knob for brake preload adjustment.Yes.
Addition of slide bearings on spring rod pivots.Yes, new spring rod joints + bearings are included. These may already be present on classic Sim Pedals Ultimate bought from early 2021 onwards.
Extra included spare parts: 3 soft blue end-stops.
Extra tools: 2 hex keys and a wrench to install the new parts.
Heusinkveld logo in pedal footplate.No.
Black powder coated metal coil springs springs.
No, original springs to be used.
Minor spec change on clutch spring.No, original spring to be used.
Minor spec and color change on the dampers.
No, original dampers to be used.
Color + material changes on certain bearings and acrylic parts.
No, original parts remain in place. 

If you own the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate which has RJ-plugs to connect the pedals to the controller (sold between mid-2014 to 2021), you can use this upgrade kit.

If you own the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate which has wire terminals on the controller (sold between late 2013 – early 2014), you must crimp RJ9 plugs (crimp tool and plugs not included in the Upgrade Kit) to the pedal wires before you can use the SmartControl controller. Contact for further guidance.

If you own the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ (sold from July 2021 onwards), do not buy this Upgrade Kit. Your pedals already have all parts included in this Upgrade Kit.

The Upgrade Kit is not compatible with other pedal series such as Sim Pedals Pro, Sim Pedals Sprint or Sim Pedals Racecenter.

Within the Upgrade Kit, the new controller box and part of the rubber stack assembly are pre-assembled. You must still install/integrate these assemblies into your current Sim Pedals Ultimate pedal set.

All other components come as individual parts. You have to do the installation of the new parts into the existing pedals yourself. This will take approximately 30 minutes. Tools to perform the installation are included in the Upgrade Kit.

We provide printed schematics / exploded views with the Upgrade Kit. These schematics and an installation video giving further guidance on the installation can also be found in our Support section.

For further information on brake pedal rubber stack settings, electronics and software you can use the manual for Sim Pedals Ultimate+ instead of the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate manual.

Classic Ultimate Upgrade Kit

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