Sim Rig GT

The Heusinkveld Sim Rig is a sturdy mounting platform for your high-end simulator peripherals, including an integrated triple monitor mount. Made of waterjet cut aluminium brackets combined with standard aluminium profiles, this rig kit allows you to build a lean and compact GT-style simulator suitable for both professional and home use.

Starting from €1349

High-end simulator equipment can replicate forces as experienced in real racing cars and therefore require a solid and sturdy mounting platform. The Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Rig is a strong yet compact GT-style cockpit solution, which allows you to rigidly mount your pedals, wheel, shifter, handbrake, seat and triple monitors in one integrated solution.

Designed using CAD and FAE analysis, all structural parts of the Sim Rig are either waterjet cut aluminium brackets or rigid aluminium profiles. By integrating the monitor mount into the rig design, a triple screen setup can be positioned right on top of the steering wheel motor, maximizing the horizontal and vertical field of view while maintaining a very lean rig design.

The pedal mounting plate, shifter bracket and classic sim handbrake bracket are compatible with Heusinkveld Engineering products. The steering wheel bracket and seat brackets are compatible with a wide variety of brands. The monitor stand supports triple 24″-28″ screens with 7,5 x 7,5cm or 10 x 10cm VESA mounts.

Parts overview

The main powdercoated parts are:

  • Steering wheel bracket.
  • Pedal baseplate.
  • Pedal heel bracket.
  • Monitor mount brackets.
  • Monitor VESA brackets.
  • Shifter bracket.
  • Classic Sim Handbrake bracket.
  • Seat brackets.
  • Feet brackets which support the entire rig.

The main aluminium profile parts are:

  • 2 short and two long profiles which form the main chassis.
  • 2 vertically mounted profiles to which support the steering wheel bracket and the triple monitor mount.
  • 3 profiles which are part of the monitor mount.
  • Profiles which support the classic Sim Handbrake bracket.

Both kits also contain bolts, nuts and fastening brackets as well as miscellaneous other parts for cable management, seat bracket fasteners and cover caps. Please see our full parts list for the exact contents of each kit.

Please note that product photos for this article may show parts which are not part of the Sim Rig product, such as (but not limited to) a seat, steering wheel motor, monitors, pedals etcetera.

Essential to know

This is a ‘kit’ product, which requires a fair bit of assembly by yourself to build a complete system. We also require you to supply your own tools for assembly.

Please make sure to check out the PDF manual before ordering so you know you are comfortable with building the Sim Rig GT yourself. The manual contains a lot of additional information on the Sim Rig product, a printed version of this manual is included with every order.

Steering wheel bracket details

The steering wheel bracket is made out of 10mm thick waterjet cut aluminium. This bracket is compatible with the following wheels and motors:

  • SimExperience AccuForce V1 wheel. (Not compatible with V2)
  • Commonly used Lenze MCS12 series, Mige 130 series & Kollmorgen AKM 52-53-54 motors (as used in OSW and Leo Bodnar Simsteering systems).
  • Fanatec CSW V2.
  • Fanatec DD1 & DD2 (not compatible with CSL DD).
  • Simucube 2 Ultimate, Pro and Sport.

We advise you to check the compatibility of your steering wheel motor with the steering wheel bracket using this schematic. The wheel brackets allows for up-down and tilt/angle adjustment of the wheel.

Please note that the Fanatec DD1 & DD2 require an alternative bracket which is included as a standard option with every Sim Rig GT.

Pedal baseplate and heel bracket details

The pedal baseplate is made out of 15mm thick waterjet cut aluminium and has pre-drilled holes for the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Pro, Sim Pedals Ultimate & Sim Pedals Sprint (only the black bracket kit is Sprint compatible). Every individual pedal can be adjusted to the left and right (within the slots of the pedal baseplate) as well as to the front and rear (within the mounting feet of the pedals itself). The baseplate as a whole can be moved forwards and backwards by loosening the 4 supplied locking levers.

The baseplate also features mounting holes to mount the Sim Pedals USB controller box underneath the baseplate. In order to protect your heels from touching the pivot point of the pedal arms, a heel bracket is supplied.

Monitor mount and VESA brackets

The monitor mount is designed to hold 24″ to 28″ 16:9 pc monitors (or a single 34″/ 35″ 21:9 pc monitor) and comes with 7,5 x 7,5cm and 10 x 10cm VESA mounts. It can hold up to three screens.

The monitor stand is an integral part of the rig construction, resulting in a very lean overall design. With this monitor stand, it is possible to mount the center screen right on top of the steering wheel motor. This minimizes the distance between the screens and the driver (50-60cm distance for drivers of an average length), while also allowing the horizontal center line of the screens to be positioned level with the driver’s eyes.

The end result, in case of a triple screen setup with 27″ monitors, is almost complete immersion in the horizontal field of view.

Shifter and classic Sim Handbrake bracket details

The brackets for the shifter and handbrake are compatible with the Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential and the Heusinkveld classic Sim Handbrake. The handbrake bracket allows for vertical mounting of the handbrake unit.

Seat Brackets

The frame is meant for serious simracers and motorsport professionals, so we chose installation stiffness above lightning fast adjustments. As we found seat sliders flex considerably at very high braking forces, your Sim Rig GT comes with 4 fixed brackets for the seat. These can be used to mount a wide variety of GT-style seats with side mounting holes.

If you plan to use the Sim Rig in an environment where the seat requires large adjustments multiple times per day, we recommend mounting a traditional seat slider. For minor adjustments to compensate for the driver’s length, you can easily and quickly adjust the pedal mounting plate.

Both the front and rear seat brackets can be installed in any of the highest 3 slots of the main horizontal rig profile, also each bracket has 3 height adjustment holes for the seat itself. This means that there are a maximum of 36 (6×6) possible options to vary the height and angle of your seat. Please keep in mind that, depending on the design of your seat, you may not be able to use all of the 36 options.

Feet brackets

Four feet brackets (+ 4 adjustable leg levelers) which support the entire Sim Rig are part of the bracket kit. These create a small ground clearance between the rig and the floor and allow you to fine-tune the positioning of your entire rig.

Cable management

When ordering all Sim Rig parts, you will also have a complete set of cable management parts. These parts will help you to achieve a clean installation with a minimum amount of loose wires. Please refer to the manual for tips on cable management.

The photos below give an impression of a complete simulator, with the Sim Rig GT as base. In some photos we removed a few floor cables and the pc case.

The monitor and handbrake/shifter cables are all routed within the vertical beams of the frame. The cables for the direct drive motor are attached to the inside of the left vertical beam.

Please note that we no longer offer the Sim Rig GT with blue brackets. This products is now only available with black brackets.

Sim Rig GT


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