Heusinkveld Ultimate+ pedals now available in BLACK!

From now on: our high-end Ultimate+ pedals are available in both silver and, by popular request, in black!      

Dear customers, dear simracing fans,


We’re proud to present our Ultimate+ pedals in black!

From now on you can order our high-end Ultimate+ pedals in our online shop both in silver and, by popular request, in black. Both versions contain the latest Heusinkveld technology, so it’s really up to you which version you want to install in your simulator.

What makes our Ultimate+ pedals so special?

Our Ultimate+ pedals are one of the strongest, durable and most adjustable designs on the market. This allows you to set them up to simulate practically any race car.

Specific highlights are a wide range of pedal angle adjustments, adjustable 2-way hydraulic damping on the brake and clutch, adjustable 1-way hydraulic damping on the throttle, adjustable pedal travel and force.

The 200kg load cell on the brake pedal results in an actual maximum brake force of 140kg on the pedal footplate. This is comparable to the demands of modern F1 cars.

Realistic brake simulation

Additionally you have 9 different resistance settings for your brake pedal. Our custom made elastomers have an excellent progressive brake feel and, as this is a proprietary Heusinkveld design, an absolute minimum of hysteresis combined with firm bump and rebound characteristics.

Unlike certain other load cell brake pedals currently available in the market, the Heusinkveld Ultimate+ brake pedal offers a 1-on-1 relation between the force input on the pedal and the brake output to the simulator. All while maintaining a progressive brake feel, just like in a real car.

Heusinkveld Ultimate+ pedals come with powerful our software tools to dial in your force settings, SmartControl and SmartControl Live.

The Ultimate+ pedals in black have new packaging, designed to offer even more protection when our pedals are in transit to your simulator. With our new Quick Start Manual, you’ll be up and running in no time. All our pedals are pre-calibrated, Plug & Play and ready to race.

Further information about pedal adjustments and our SmartControl and SmartControl LIVE software can be found in the Support section of our website. You can also find tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Current availability

The Ultimate+ Black pedals will be sold concurrently with our Ultimate+ Silver and will remain a permanent fixture in our product line-up. Our current stock situation is as follows:

Ultimate+ Black 3-pedal set -> Ready for shipping.
Ultimate+ Black 2-pedal set -> In stock late March.

Ultimate+ Silver 3-pedal set -> In stock early May.
Ultimate+ Silver 2-pedal set -> Ready for shipping.

Do you have a question or need help?
As always, you can find all further information about our new Ultimate+ pedals in black on the product page and in how-to-tutorials on our YouTube channel.

It is important to us that you are as well informed as possible. That’s why our Customer Service Team is available to answer your questions and provide feedback via email at info@heusinkveld.com from Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm CEST.

Enjoy enhancing your simracing experience!


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