Heusinkveld January stock update

The latest info with regard to stock of our key pedal products

Because we are getting a lot of questions with regard to the stock levels, we’d like to give you an update with regard to our key pedal products.

Sim Pedals Sprint
Last December saw the release of our all new Sim Pedals Sprint. Despite launching with our largest stock ever for a new product, we (and our resellers) sold out within minutes.

Because demand is multiple times higher than we ever experienced before, assembly of new sets has continued during the holidays. Next week will also see the addition of extra warehouse space and assembly staff at Heusinkveld headquarters. We’re flat out with regard to meeting demand for the Sim Pedals Sprint.

We are aware that there currently is one reseller with open orders (Demon Tweeks UK). Before we take on any new orders, products for customers who currently have open orders at Demon Tweeks will be shipped first. Once these orders have been fulfilled, stock will re-appear in our own webshop (and at other vendors).

Because of the excessive demand for the Sim Pedals Sprint, it may take until well into February before we have continuous stock of Sim Pedals Sprint. Since our full focus is on production and expanding assembly and warehouse capacity, we will not be taking any reservations or pre-orders. We hope you understand this.

Sim Pedals Ultimate
A large run of Sim Pedals Ultimate was sold last week, the next run is expected to be ready around the end of this month. We expect to have enough stock to fulfill all orders from that moment onwards.


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