Our brand-new innovative Heusinkveld MagShift!

The next generation sequential shifter. Expected to be available again in Q1 2024.

Dear customers, dear simracing fans,


We’re proud to present you our NEW Heusinkveld product, the next generation sequential shifter:


Realistic forces, compact design. Upgrade your simulator with the most versatile sequential shifter available, packed with extra features!

Our brand-new MagShift is the perfect sequential shifter for rally cars, GT’s, touring cars and classic racing. Feel the gears click into place with the innovative magnetic shift system. Expected to be available again in Q1 2024.

Innovative mechanics

The Heusinkveld MagShift is an innovative sequential shifter with a patented magnetic shift system. Upshift, downshift and overall force are all individually adjustable which makes MagShift the most versatile sequential shifter in the market. Do you want a firm upshift, soft downshift and medium overall force? That is all attainable with MagShift.

The innovative magnetic gear mechanism is integrated in a compact laser-cut steel design combined with black powder coated parts. MagShift lets you feel the gears click into place, just like in a real car. Shift detection is done by opto-electronic sensors which ensures there is no wear on the electronics.

State of the art electronics & software

MagShift is much more than just a sequential shifter. It has multiple extra features which enhance the driving experience. Integrated in the base of MagShift are 3 extra buttons which can be assigned to any function in-game.

Combined with Heusinkveld SmartControl software, customers are able to configure up to 10 fully customizable outputs using the gear lever and the 3 buttons. All settings can be saved into profiles and applied while driving. So your MagShift essentially offers a mini button box as extra functionality.

If you have other Heusinkveld products which use SmartControl, it is possible to create a single profile which includes multiple SmartControl compatible Heusinkveld devices. This allows you to change MagShift, Handbrake and pedal settings all at once.

And it is easy to install

Every MagShift comes with a mounting bracket and mounting materials, which makes installation onto for example aluminium profiles super easy. The mounting bracket allows you to fine-tune the overall height, tilt and yaw position of MagShift.

Depending on your preferences, the total height of MagShift ranges between 36,2 and 37,7cm (14,25 in – 14,81 in). MagShift is a narrow system, the installation width is only 6,75cm (2,66 in) and it can be mounted onto a single aluminium profile slot.

The system is plug-and-play, after connecting MagShift via USB you can immediately assign functions in your favourite simulator software.

Do you have a question or need help?

As always, you can find all further information about our new MagShift on the product page and in how-to-tutorials on our YouTube channel.

It is important to us that you are as well informed as possible. That’s why our Customer Service Team is available to answer your questions and provide feedback via email at info@heusinkveld.com from Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm CEST.

Enjoy enhancing your simracing experience!


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