New website!

Welcome to our new website. We’d like to tell you more about all the improvements we made.

The launch of our new website marks the first major improvement to our web environment since the start of the company. Although the old website has worked well for many years, a major redevelopment was needed in order to support the growth of Heusinkveld.

The changes are not only visible in the front-end, but we also have a revised backend which will improve the user experience for both consumers as well as for our business customers. With this new website we aim to continue our growth and we hope it will serve us as well as you, our customers, well for many years to come!

We want to thank the following partners for building this new website: Orbe & Konstruktiv were responsible for the front- and backend development, including the automation of our shipping process. Our new branding and visual appearance has been developed by Jesse Schaap. We also want to thank UPS for their support.



Major improvements

Major front-end improvements are:

  1. An all new visual appearance, including an updated brandname (‘Heusinkveld’) and logos.
  2. A much improved shop system, which makes it easier to navigate products and learn about their characeristics.
  3. Automated correction of prices in our webshop (including or excluding sales tax) based on location.
  4. Addition of customer use cases to our website, so you’ll be able to get a better idea of who are using our products.

Major backend improvements designed to improve the consumer customer experience are:

  1. A redesigned account system, which makes it easier to keep track of orders, invoices and account details.
  2. Full integration of our order system with our shipping partner UPS. This will decrease parcel handling times in our warehouse with 80%, resulting in faster fulfillment of your order.

Major improvements for our regular business customers are:

  1. Automated processing of Tax/VAT and geolocation in order to calculate correct taxes.
  2. Automated creation of invoices and processing of payments.

Major improvements for resellers are:

  1. An all new reseller portal with an easy-view order form, which automatically calculates reseller discounts.
  2. Automated creation of invoices and processing of payments.
  3. Reseller-specific news and media download section.

In the coming few months we will gradually expand the content of our new website. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know.


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