Sim Pedals Ultimate now on sale

We are happy to let you know our Sim Pedals Ultimate are now ON SALE.

Dear customers, dear simracing fans, 

We’d like to inform you that as of today our Sim Pedals Ultimate are going on sale. The discounted price will be as follows:

Sim Pedals Ultimate 3-pedal set: 1.049 EUR incl. VAT (EU) or 866,94 EUR excl. VAT (non-EU).
Sim Pedals Ultimate 2-pedal set: 819 EUR incl. VAT (EU) or 676,86 EUR excl. VAT (non-EU).

We know that many of you follow our product development very closely. You may therefore be wondering why we are doing this.

What can we tell you already? 
With the Sim Pedals Ultimate now on sale, we are slowly starting the countdown towards the release of the Sim Pedals Ultimate+. This Plus-version is a significant update of the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. There are a few final steps to take still, but the current progress of the development and production of the key components makes us confident to be ready this summer.

Why should I buy the discounted Sim Pedals Ultimate now? 
There are two reasons why you should consider buying the discounted Sim Pedals Ultimate:

Reason 1)
(Update 30 november 2021 with regard to the paragraphs below: The initial run of upgrade kits sold out quickly upon release of the Ultimate+. There will be new upgrade kits available in the future, but the timeframe in which they will be available is uncertain. This will not be before late Q1 2022 and probably later.)

When we release the Sim Pedals Ultimate+, there will be an Upgrade Kit for all current (from 2014 onwards) and new owners of the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. This kit will be for sale in our webshop when we release the Sim Pedals Ultimate+.

This kit contains all Sim Pedals Ultimate+ parts which are performance enhancing and/or have improved wear characteristics. There will be minor aesthetical differences (eg. color changes) if you apply this Upgrade Kit to the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate.

If you buy the discounted Sim Pedals Ultimate and add the Upgrade Kit later, the total price will be approximately 10% lower compared to buying a complete set of Sim Pedals Ultimate+. In short, you will save money but will receive all the technical enhancements.

Reason 2)
If you see no need to buy the Upgrade Kit and want to stick to the classic Ultimate spec, you’re still getting a high-end pedal set used by top class drivers for a very attractive price. You will have full warranty and can count on our support well beyond the warranty period for years to come.

Where to get more information with regard to Sim Pedals Ultimate+
We will keep you informed on our social media channels Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as in the news section on our website.

Who is there for you if you have any questions? 
It’s important to us that you are as well informed as possible. That’s why our Customer Service Team is available via email for your questions and feedback from Mon-Fri from 9h -18h CEST at


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