Latest Update Ultimate Upgrade Kit

For all of you who are waiting for the Ultimate Upgrade Kit for the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate.

Dear customers, Dear Sim Pedals Ultimate owner,


We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the Upgrade Kit for the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. We receive many questions about when it will be back in stock. We’d like to give you an update about the availability of this product.

The current situation is that we are still dealing with increasing lead times, specifically on electronics. When we sold out on the initial run of Ultimate Upgrade Kits in augusts 2021 we have immediately placed additional orders. Unfortunately the lead time on specific components has multiplied several times in a short period of time. This means that on the short term we will not have Ultimate Upgrade Kits available.

We are very sorry for this situation. The global market for electronics is in an extreme position at the moment and this unfortunately has consequences for the availability of this specific product. It will be restocked, but not in the short run.

As soon as the Upgrade Kit is back in stock, we will communicate this on all our channels. If you have already registered your email on the product page, you will even be informed automatically as soon as we have stock again.


Many thanks again for your understanding and patience,


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