An updated look for our Sim Shifter Sequential

Check the new high-quality finish for our compact sequential shifter system

Our Sim Shifter Sequential has received a small aesthetical update. This compact shifter system is built around a steel casing which used to be tumbled to take off any sharp edges. We have now updated the design and have started shipping shifter units which have a steel casing with a bead blasted finish.

The result is a shifter which has a semi-gloss metallic look, identical to that the Sim Pedals Ultimate. A few photos of this can be seen below. The shifter on the left (with lever installed) shows the original tumbled finish. The shifter on the right (without lever) has the new bead blasted finish.

We hope you enjoy the new look of the shifter. The price of the shifter is 209EUR for EU customers, the non-VAT price for non-EU customers is 172,73 EUR. It can be ordered in our webshop. Please note that the product photos in our webshop do still show the original tumbled finish.

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Wolfgang Reip

Bathurst 12 Hour and Blancpain Endurace Series Champion

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