HQ Expansion

We’re getting extra assembly & office space

2019 has been a very busy year so far at Heusinkveld and we want to give you an update where we’re standing at the moment. In the past few months we’ve tried to get as many pedals out to you as possible. In order to do this, we’ve tripled our assembly personnel, we continuously keep improving our workflows and have expanded our support staff to make sure we can handle all your questions.

Our stock situation is slowly relaxing a bit. We do no longer sell out within minutes, but we still do not have continuous stock all the time. We are, together with our suppliers, working hard to get back to a normal stock situation.

Since we have maxed out the capacity on our current location, one of the things required for this is (another) significant expansion of our HQ. This is something we never anticipated when we bought our current offices and factory 3 years ago, but we have simply run out of space.

The good news is that we have acquired additional space adjacent to our current location and that we can integrate both buildings. When we are completely settled we’ll have more than 3 times the space we have now. This will not only give us a lot more room for assembly and warehousing, but also provide extra facilities for R&D and a bigger demo room where you can try different configurations of our products.

We want to thank all our customers for their support and are looking forward to serve the simracing market even better when the expansion is ready.

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