Sim Pedals Calibration Tool (Beta)

Heusinkveld releases new calibration software

Heusinkveld has just released a beta version of the new Heusinkveld Calibration Tool. This tool offers owners of Sim Pedals Pro and Ultimate a new and more intuitive way of calibrating our pedal sets on your pc. This software is the first step in the development of a complete toolkit which will over time allow customers to test, calibrate and configure all Heusinkveld products.

It is important to note that the software which is released today is still in the Beta stage and we do expect to see some bugs and other issues. Although we invite all Sim Pedals owners to try the new Heusinkveld Calibration Tool, we want to make clear that other calibration methods (which are outlined in the respective product manuals) are still available and offer a 100% working solution.

Interested in taking a look? Instructions and a download link can be found here.

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