SmartControl 1.0 released

Download the latest version of the Sim Pedals Sprint configuration tool

We have just released version 1.0 of SmartControl, the configuration tool for the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint. With SmartControl you can configure (non-linear) pedal output curves, set pedal deadzones and the brake pedal force. All settings can be saved into profiles, which can be loaded again in a few mouse clicks.

Settings applied in SmartControl will have effect in any simulator software, without having to make additional adjustments, re-assign controls or recalibrate (including iRacing) in the simulator software itself. SmartControl also includes a calibration wizard in case you need to recalibrate your pedals.

The new version 1.0 contains various technical and usability improvements, such as:

  • Revised brake pedal force indicator (now always shows the actual force in KG which is applied on the brake).
  • Revised starting screen (application now launches on the profiles tab).
  • Improved usability during the calibration procedure: Parallel detection of the ‘at rest’ sensor value for all 3 pedals and improved detection of the ‘fully pressed’ sensor value.
  • Improved detection of throttle and clutch axis.
  • ‘Calibration completed’ notice when the calibration has been saved.
  • Various UI improvements aimed at improving usability.

Development of SmartControl is an ongoing process and we will be adding new features in the future. When you download or update to the latest version of SmartControl, also make sure to check to check our SmartControl profile presets.

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