Sim Handbrake powered by SmartControl – available now

We are very happy to present you our new Sim Handbrake powered by Heusinkveld SmartControl.

Dear customers, dear simracing fans,


Are you ready? Because – we are!

We are very happy to present our new Sim Handbrake powered by Heusinkveld SmartControl – available now in our webshop and at our resellers.

This all new Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake will replace our current, classic Sim Handbrake (read about it in our news: currently on sale.)

We invite you to take look at our new Sim Handbrake and check the following highlights.

Powerful modern design
Our new Sim Handbrake is a completely new design with key structural parts made of laser-cut stainless steel, with a bead blasted or fine-structured powder coat finish.

Combined with a solid, smooth feeling lever, black powder coated preload-spring, black elastomers and Heusinkveld branding on the lever, the handbrake not only feels great but it is also a fantastic looking addition to any simulator.

The handbrake is pressure sensitive. A 120kg load cell (up to 22kg of force at the lever) provides a linear measurement of the force applied by the driver. The SmartControl controller is integrated inside the handbrake, minimizing cable clutter. The system as a whole has passed EMC compliance testing, guaranteering a stable output signal to your pc under the most challenging circumstances.

SmartControl Software
With Heusinkveld SmartControl software you can easily calibrate your Sim Handbrake, set a deadzone, create custom output curves and create, save and share multiple profiles. Read about how to use SmartControl software on our support page. If you own other Heusinkveld SmartControl compatible products, you can create shared profiles for multiple devices at once. This allows you to change your handbrake + pedal settings in only a few mouseclicks.

All new Heusinkveld elastomers
A realistic, progressive handbrake feel is achieved through our all new custom made injection molded thermoset elastomers. They are tested to have zero performance degradation even after one million duty cycles. You’ll get 3 different elastomers to set a low, medium or high progressive resistance. You can further adjust the mechanical feeling of the handbrake by changing the preload and travel of the initial metal coil spring.


Adjustable lever
The handbrake lever is adjustable to a horizontal and vertical position, with an additional fine tune adjustment up to 26 degrees. You can also mount the handbrake base horizontally or vertically, ensuring maximum flexibility to find a suitable mounting position in your simulator.

Mounting and optional adapter plate
The handbrake base has 4 mounting points (2 on each side). But it also comes with an optional adapter plate to ease the installation on aluminium profiles.

If you use the optional adapter plate, you can adjust the yaw of the handbrake so you can fine tune the direction in which you pull the lever. This can greatly improve the overall ergonomics of your handbrake installation.

In this Tutorial Remco explains how to change these settings.

You will find all further details on our product page Sim Handbrake.

Who is there for you if you have any questions or need help with the installation?
It is important to us that you are as well informed as possible. That’s why our Customer Service Team is available to answer your questions and provide feedback via email at from Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm CEST.

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