Heusinkveld March stock update

The latest info with regard to stock of our key pedal products

Because we are getting a lot of questions with regard to our stock levels, we would like to give an update with regard to the current situation. Since the release of our Sim Pedals Sprint we’re experiencing a large increase in demand for all our products, specifically for the Sim Pedals Sprint.

Since December we have been hiring extra staff members in order to cope with this increasing demand. The amount of products we currently ship is a lot higher than our peak months in 2018, but currently our production is not yet high enough to supply everyone who is interested in a set of pedals. We will continue to expand our staff until we have continuous stock again for all our products.

Sale schedule and estimated stock for the coming weeks
We’re currently finishing production runs for Sim Pedals Sprint and Sim Pedals Ultimate every 2 weeks. One part of this stock is sold through our own webshop, another part is sold through specific resellers (who receive a limited amount of stock).

In recent weeks we have seen full production runs of Sim Pedals Sprint sell out within hours (and sometimes quicker), we therefore want to manage expectations for the coming period. Looking at current demand we will not have continuous stock of Sim Pedals Sprint on short term notice. For Sim Pedals Ultimate we’re almost in a situation of having continuous stock again.

The exact moment of sale when a production run is finished will not be announced beforehand. Since every Sprint production run sells out so quick, we want to avoid creating any anticipation with regard to being able to order. We are also not taking any reservations or pre-orders (or develop a system for this), our full focus will be on further expanding our production.

We kindly ask you to take note of all of the above when planning a rig (re)build or a pedal upgrade. Your patience is much appreciated, on our side we’ll be working as hard as we can to get as many pedal sets produced and shipped as possible.

Thanks for your understanding!

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